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Old Animations

When I was in middle school I picked up Flash Animation after the rise in popularity of storytime animations. Soon I begin to focus on creating animations to audio or music I liked or found amusing. With a lot of visual jokes that were there for the sole purpose of creating shock value. Typical middle school humor.

Beginning Sophmore Year of High School, it got to the point animating became tedious and I became burnt out from it. I finished Float On and a fan animation and felt content with what I had made.

I'm still proud of what I had created in middle school and many people seemed to really like it and had created tons of fan-art for me (Thank you!) and it is apart of who I am today. SO. This article is dedicated to archiving my past works. I will add little commentary edits as I think it would be very fun!


> Where I posted my animations...

I was obsessed with Scott Pilgrim at the time. I don't like this video.

This remains my favorite animation I've ever done. I think the animation is very smooth, the colors are very vibrant, so much moving parts in such a short time frame, and it's a fun animation.

Outside of being a christmas video, this whole video of cutesy wholesome plot was to make the Eddsworld joke. AND THAT IS ALL.

This was a reanimate of a stick figure meme featuring my voice. I still have the same voice today. Also sometime after I made this video, I received a message of a drawing of me shitting on a toliet saying "hey check this out." Hilarious.

Reanimation of a flipnote on Sudomemo. I like the colors in this one.

First animation of my new sona to which is still basically my sona today. Albeit is now female rather than unisex. I don't really find the poster jokes to be funny.

Masking the dream scene took a long time and warranted the help of a mutual who knew Flash more than me. Thank you, Charlie!

Experimenting with vibrant colors and comedic timing.

CW: Headphone Warning

Only one person noticed that I used a stone pickaxe to mine diamond ore. ONE.

Reanimation of a Spongebob Christmas song. It's cute and kinda goofy.

Reanimation of MarkandFlops' Sonic animation. I loved Sonic Paradox as a kid. Was originally named "Parkour Parkour" but changed to "Hardcore Parkour" after receiving an ableist correction.


CW: Self-harm

Friend at the time sent me this song knowing my favorite color is blue. I animated it for the vine. Tasteless self-harm in the end of the video. Again for shock value.

Said friend also showed me a Scott Pilgrim clip. Of course I had to animate such a beauty. Featuring my two school friends.
I didn't know what Scott Pilgrim was.

I had a cat named Spooky that appears in this video whom my parents had to give away. I'm still mad about that... MOM.

An experimental animation. I animated it including all of my friends I had at the time. This animation is a little suggestive as I was figuring out myself.

Ahhh a classic. My first flash animation. A couple animators in the "young animator community" and friends animated this clip and I wanted to join the bandwagon. Who knew it would kickstart my animating career.

This was shown in school :(

There you have it! To those who've been here whenever you found me during my animation journey; whether the beginning or the end or even without ever knowing my past works, thank you for watching. Special thanks to those who have sent me fan-art to me. I've kept every single one.