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Zoey 2023-03-11 02:52:41

Although I could have it take effect right now?

Zoey 2023-03-11 02:51:20

I learned how to do the AM/PM system while working on other websites. Shame I didn't figure it out before. I don't think I can reconfigure each message by when it was posted during AM or PM. As there wasn't anyway to get it.

Zoey 2023-03-11 09:26:24


DashZick 2023-03-11 05:51:46

Aseprite? uh i heard it's paid but ig there is a way to compile it by myself lol also i have Great news! Mr. Naoto Ohshima (Creator of Sonic!) Liked one of my tweets and i made a roadmap to stylise my website and designed the topic for first article (it's a surprise!)

Zoey 2023-03-10 10:31:17

■ Cool site, any plans to stylize it?
Yep! Kind of going through a bit of a misdirection, but I have some pretty good ideas. I think so at least. Just not entirely having a full vision on what how it should function or look.

■ Hey! i loved that button thing in the splash page! how did you make it?
Aseprite. It's open-sourced! If you are fine with going through the trouble of compiling it.

Gilbertfil 2023-03-10 10:01:38

Cool site, any plans to stylize it?

DashZick 2023-03-08 01:27:59

Hey! i loved that button thing in the splash page! how did you make it?

DashZick 2023-03-07 03:26:59

Thank you! hopefully soon i'll manage to implement a chat well comments area like this or just redirect to my discord server not sure i'll do what's easier to do still has some stuff to modify such as the art part and yk making it more appealing usual yada yada

Zoey 2023-03-07 03:23:33

How fun! Good luck on your website! Nah, links are fine as long as they’re not towards a malicious website.

DashZick 2023-03-07 02:45:58
[177] it's now live! idk is it wrong to send here but i have no idea i will show you lol maybe soon i'll embed my discord server's link for updates

Zoey 2023-03-07 02:35:32

Happy to help!

DashZick 2023-03-07 01:27:37

also thank you it wouldn't be possible without your help!

DashZick 2023-03-07 01:21:57

i almost made my website well it’s going to be basic for few months tho

DashZick 2023-03-07 11:41:11

i agree. it's actually a pretty conventient way to moderate. (and honestly more easier than trying to moderate a whole discord server by yourself, i think...)

Zoey 2023-03-07 11:09:34

It’s a more faster and convenient way for me to select messages and moderate them from the page. Instead of having to log into my database to moderate (which is more steps than it should.)

DashZick 2023-03-07 11:02:11

btw nice redesign but what are those checkboxes for?

DashZick 2023-03-07 07:23:51

Hi! Good Morning!

Zoey 2023-03-06 03:09:38

It's a good idea but I think it's safer to not allow it. Maybe as links instead.

DashZick 2023-03-06 03:08:41

i think i talked a bit too much i'm sorry i also have a suggestion what about sending images?

Zoey 2023-03-06 02:59:53

Yep. Needed to clean up the chat.

I'm hoping to be able to allow links to be embedded. It's kind of inconvenient to copy and paste. That's next on my to-do list! I also kind of want to give this chatlog a bit more personality. It's literally just a HTML document, haha.

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